Thursday 12 January 2012

Walks like an Egyptian

This Egyptian Goose has been present at Helston boating lake for several days.  I went to see it yesterday in perfect winter sunshine.  In fact, the first decent day since Christmas.  This individual has been a bit tricky to catch up with.  I've visited three times already only to find that it had flown to Drift Reservoir or Loe Pool. 

Egyptian Goose is a naturalised British species originating from sub-Saharan Africa.  There is a healthy breeding population in Norfolk and the species has also bred in Devon in 2005.  It is regarded as a feral wanderer and of course escapees from collections cannot be ruled out.  This winter has also seen "new" birds appear in Wiltshire.  Whether you tick it or not remains up to you.  But for me, I just enjoyed seeing it...

Egyptian Goose at Helston boating lake.  This image is copyright and not for reposting.

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