Saturday, 22 October 2016

Isabelline Wheatear image and video

One of my favourite Isabelline Wheatear images.

Video of Isabelline Wheatear by Mr John Chapple.

Snow Buntings at Godrevy

Four Snow Buntings were found last week in and around the Godrevy head area. As always, this species is very confiding and also very photogenic.  Snow Bunting is a regular passage migrant and winter visitor in small numbers and is usually found on favourite coastal sites.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Isabelline Wheatear at Godrevy, Cornwall

Paul Freestone found this stunning Isabelline Wheatear on Godrevy head on 20th October.  This is the second record of the species in the county.  The first was within a whisker of 20 years ago at Church Cove, Lizard. (29th Oct 1996) and seen then by just a handful of birders.  This long overdue species was enjoyed by many birders yesterday as it fed freely across the whole headland.  It follows several other records mainly on the UK east coast and continues the strong easterly theme of birding this Autumn. 

Isabelline Wheatear, Godrevy, October 2016.

Images taken with Nikon D500, 500mm F4, 1.4x Teleconverter.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sparrowhawk eating Woodpigeon

I saw this large female Sparrowhawk devour a Woodpigeon by the side of the road at Kenidjack yesterday.  I photographed the event from the car.  I think it must have been hungry as the pigeon was consumed inside 15 minutes!

Red-eyed Vireo at Porthgwarra

A Red-eyed Vireo was found in the elm trees beside the toilet block at Porthgwarra on Saturday 15th October by visiting French birder Paul-Elie Jay. After quite a bit of searching I saw it at midday on Sunday typically feeding high in the leaf canopy.  As in the states, where they are fairly common, they always associate with smaller passerines and usually lead the flock through the trees.  This is the 27th record of the species in Cornwall with Porthgwarra the top site.  October is the prime month. The last record was in 2013 at Prussia Cove.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Short-toed Lark at St Agnes Head

This bird must be one of the most obliging Short-toed Larks ever.  It was completely oblivious to everyone around it, including dog walkers.  It fed on flower seeds continually in the car park to the west of the coastguard hut. First seen on Thursday it was still present on Saturday.  Its the second record of the species this Autumn and is also only the second one I have ever seen on the Cornish mainland.
This bird is of the western form (south Europe) showing warmth to the plumage tones rather than the greyish Asiatc form.

Short-toed Lark, St Agnes Head, October 2016. (Nikon D500, 500mm F4).

3min Video clip by Mr John Chapple

Monday, 26 September 2016

Juv Pectoral Sandpiper at Davidstow Airport

I found this juv Pec Sand on Sunday afternoon with some Ringed Plovers.  As always at this site, if you stay in the car, the waders are very obliging.  This Pec Sand was pretty tame and gave some great views as it fed in the puddles.  I visited the airport on Friday and there was a complete clearout of all waders so I'm assuming that this one is a new bird in, following the heavy rain on Saturday. This is the 8th record of this species this Autumn, in Cornwall.

Taken with Nikon D500, 500mm F4, 1.4x TC, car window mounted.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Juv Red-backed Shrike at Porth Loe, Porthgwarra

This is the second Red-backed Shrike that I have seen this Autmn, the first being last week at Nanquidno.  The Porthgwarra bird was quite obliging and allowed everyone some very good views.

Red-backed Shrike, Porth Loe, Porthgwarra, September 2016. Nikon D500, 500mm F4, 1.4xTC. ISO 1000, 1/1250s, F/5.6.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Juv Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Davidstow

Juv Buff breasted Sandpiper, taken with Nikon D500, 500mm F4 ISO 12800 !

This is one of my favourite birds and is always a delight to photograph. I took these from the car window.

This is the seventh Buff breast record this Autumn in Cornwall.  It is probably now the commonest Nearctic wader after Pectoral Sandpiper in Cornwall.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

1W Whiskered Tern at Argal Dam

This first winter Whiskered Tern was originally found on Tuesday 13th as a Black Tern but re identified from photo's as a Whiskered. It showed well this morning in low light as it fed near the dam end of the res.  This is the 11th record for Cornwall.