Monday 16 August 2010

Butterflies in the sun's glare

These five images are of a Meadow Fritillary, Brown Argus and Small Copper looking directly into the sun's glare at about 10am.  I noticed some similar shots on the internet and decided to experiment when suitable light was available, ie not in the UK.  I took them last week in France.

I raised the exposure to between +0.3 and +1.0EV.  Failure to increase the exposure results in very dark images.  I also changed the metering to Centre Weighted, ie metered off the subject.

I was pleased with the results as the sun is shown bursting through the translucent whites though still retaining some colour within the insect and the flower (mint).

EXIF Detail: Aperture priority.  F/7.1 Shutter 1/320s. ISO 200. WB Cloudy. Lens 105mm Macro. Handheld.