Friday 13 August 2010

French fritillary's steal the show

This post is a summary of all the fritillary's that we saw over the last couple weeks here in the Dordogne / Bordeaux area of France.  The genus is easily the most common type of butterfly and to put it simply, they are everywhere.  They have dominated every day's sightings.  Glanville and Meadow Fritillary are the commonest.  The image above and below are Glanville's.

The majority of the shots were taken in farmland, near vineyards and virtually all beside the road in the numerous ditches and drains.  The French roads and highways are maintained differently to the UK.  Every road seems to have a drainage ditch which are left to nature.  The ditches are splashes of colourful flowers which in turn supports these stunning butterflies. 

Above:  Glanville Fritillary.  Below: Knapweed Fritillary

Meadow Fritillary above and lower three.

Small Pearl-bordered being shown some unwanted interest from a Silver-washed Fritillary.

Above and below: Spotted Fritillary.

Above and below: Silver-washed Fritillary.

All of the images were handheld.  Taken with the macro 105mm with VR constantly on.  Aperture used was F/10 or greater depending on available light.  Thanks to John Chapple for verifying the ID.  Any ID comments very welcome.


  1. This picture brings feelings to my heart that I have never felt before you touch the lives of many and you have touched my heart.

  2. Hi Mate
    Super set of butterflies Steve, but what caught my eye was the Moth in the last image.Have checked it out and it appears to be a Jersey Tiger. Nice one.

  3. Thanks for that Monty. I don't have a moth id guide, so couldn't pin it down. Cheers. Steve.

  4. Stunning collection of outstanding photography.

  5. Brilliant Steve. On a recent trip to Sweden, Fritillaries were also by far the commonest butterflies with 8 species seen.

  6. A lovely set of images Steve. You must be really pleased with them.