Thursday 8 March 2012

Yellow-browed Warbler at Carnon Downs

I took this shot today of the resident Yellow-browed Warbler at Carnon Downs sewerage works.  It was calling all the time so not difficult to find.  This one has been ringed on the right leg and has been seen with at least two other birds. Another dozen or so Chiffy's were also present along with a couple greyer individuals.  The Chiffchaffs were singing and I was hoping that the Yellow-browed would start, but no such luck. 


  1. Is there free access to the Sewage Works and, if so, would you be kind enough to describe how to get there? Many Thanks. Rod Taylor.

  2. Rod. Take the road towards perranwell. 500 yards west of Carnon Downs on lhs. Park sensibly to allow access. Walk down muddy track then bear left to view the willows

    1. Many thanks. Can't go for 2 weeks as I'm visiting relatives - so I might be too late. Congrats on the photo- it's brilliant. My new toy is a Canon 100 - 400 and I can't focus anything in trees yet - still, early days yet. Hopefully I'll be able to practise on your warbler and firecrest in 2 weeks. Best regards. Rod Taylor.