Tuesday 24 July 2012

Newquay Pelagic Wednesday 25th July

We left Newquay Harbour at 9.00 am. this morning for an eight hour pelagic trip. We sailed approx 20 miles due north west, which took less than an hour. Six other occupants were diving in the shark cage and getting stunning underwater views of seven Blue Sharks.  We also saw two Leatherback Turtles and at least 40 Common Dolphins.  Seabirds were a little thin on the ground but we did manage to see one Wilson's Petrel well at about 50 yards.  We had good views but sadly too far for photography.  In addition we saw about 30 Storm Petrel, two Comon Tern and about a hundred Manx Shearwaters.

Blue Shark beside the boat twisting
Leatherback Turtle at about 75 m.

Common Dolphins
Northern Fulmar


More info on the boat and tours here> ATLANTIC DIVER


  1. Roll on retirement... work beckons unfortunately. Adrian.

  2. Fantastic images great colours.

  3. You have amazing photos.
    Greetings from Finland