Friday 28 September 2012

Birding in Cape May

I hope to post some updates over the next couple weeks of birding in Cape May, New Jersey.  The place is a well known birding migration hot spot, probably most famous for its Autumn passage of raptors.  Today has been a quiet day by local standards but I've still managed to see American Kestrels, Merlins, Ospreys, Sharp-shinned Hawks and plenty of migrating Turkey Vultures.  Passerines have been very quiet but 20 Common Yellowthroat and 15 Palm Warbler were very showy.  The rarity of the day I'm told is a Clay-coloured Sparrow, a shy bird spending most of its time hidden away in a bush.  Other delights have included many Grey Catbird, Mockingbird, Carolina Wren and Belted Kingfisher.  However, Monarch butterfly stole the show today as hundreds, if not thousands were on the move, all flying south towards Mexico.  The images below are a small token of the day's birding.

Monarch Butterfly

Palm Warbler

Great Egret

Mourning Dove


  1. Great shots Mate , enjoy the rest of the trip.

  2. Great shot! wonderful sharp photos. My favorite here are the first one butterflye with unsharp background (bukeh).

  3. Good start Steve looking forward to more.