Sunday 2 September 2012

Waderfest on Marazion Beach

Marazion Beach has been busy with small waders this weekend.  Top of the list was Cornwall's 33rd Baird's Sandpiper, present for just one day on the most likely place in the county to find one.  This is the ninth Baird's found on Marazion beach.  Unusually this was an adult.  A delightful adult Buff-breasted Sandpiper provided its own entertainment as it fed among the sea weed. The supporting cast were high numbers of Dunlin (120), Turnstone (50), Sanderling (100) and Ringed Plover (200).

Below are some images taken on saturday:

Ad Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Juv Dunlin

Adult Sanderling in moult

Juv Sanderling

Adult Ringed Plover

Juv Ringed Plover