Sunday 18 October 2009

Second attempt at the Nanquidno Yellow-browed Warbler

I couldn't resist second helpings of this delightful little phylosc. It kept returning to the same crab-apple tree in Nanquidno valley. Today it performed at the front of the tree instead of at the back, as was the case yesterday. I also used the 600mm lens which has made a big difference to the final image.

Yesterday I also used the wrong White Balance mode...Auto is just not good enough so reverted back to the Cloudy setting. The result is a bright contrasty image with no post adjustments required.

The image below is cropped at 25%. The others are the standard 16% crop as dictated by the software. The only adjustments are some minor cropping at the edges to give a more pleasing image-composure.
This image below is one of the favourite shots. It spotted an insect and I had a feeling it would fly after it. The camera couldn't keep up with the speed of flight though as the next shot was completely blurred.
EXIF Detail: Aperture priority. F/7.1. Shutter 1/320s. Exposure -0.3EV. ISO 800. Matrix metering. Focal length 600mm.


  1. Amazing set of pictures and what a great title image. Nice work.

  2. Fantastic Photography,excellent steve.

  3. These are excellent Steve, I wish I got the shots with the crab apples.

  4. Great images Steve love the ones with the crab apples smashing.

  5. Great shots Steve. We also had a go but unfortunately dipped. The first one is my favourite

  6. All fabulous Steve. I love them all! I just want to see it in real life even more now!

  7. Only just found these shots, Steve - they're superb! We saw the bird the day we came off the Scillies, but not as well as this. The pics really capture the essence of autumn birding for me.