Saturday 15 November 2008

A charm of Goldfinches at Portscatho

These delightful Goldfinches were feeding on the seed heads about 20 feet in front of me near the harbour wall at Portscatho. The sun was low and briefly quite strong, just giving me enough time to take about 15 shots. The shutter speed was quite high at 500th second, aperture f/8, exposure -0.3 and White Balance as always, was set to Cloudy. This setting seems to yield a warmer image. All the shots were in focus and these were the best of the crop. I've been waiting some time to photograph Goldfinch as they can be very skittish, but these shots have been worth the wait.


  1. wonderful shots.

    I have liked these birds for ages but never been able to get any photos of them, looks like its time for the long trip to Portscatho... :)

  2. Great shots Steve.

    Brian McGeough

  3. These pictures are absolutley beautiful.I have gold finches visit my garden daily and are always sitting on my feeder. To see them looking so serence is great, the background with the blurry bird is great!

    Well done, Lydia