Monday 22 December 2008

The best Christmas present

News broke late yesterday (Sunday) of a first year Snowy Owl on the moors near Eagle's Nest, near Zennor. The bird was stumbled upon after a birder was carrying out a census on wintering Hen Harriers. The news was later put out by Richard Menari. Luckily for everyone, it was refound again this morning, fairly static on a fence post. This is the first record for mainland Cornwall since 1948 and prior to that 1942, which means that every living birder will have a county tick this Christmas. I will admit right now before people let me know, that the images are a bit grainy. Another mess up. On the previous day I was doing my sport photography and forgot to re adjust one crucial camera setting, that from Small file to Large, a small matter of 10 mega bytes less resolution....doh. Focal length 840mm. ISO 640. Exposure -0.3 WB Cloudy.

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