Sunday 14 December 2008

Best of the rest at the res today

For the first time ever I ran out of memory - gigabytes of memory that is. Some 550 plus shots at full resolution today drained the memory cards. The shots below were the end result of a day of very changable weather and light conditions. Dawn started at 0 degrees, ice and frost on the ground, sleet, snow, rain and bright sunshine, all contributing to demanding photographic conditions. For the best part of the day, the ISO has been set at 800 to 1000 - fortunatly, the Nikon D3 works well at high ISO and I have now forgotten what grain is. The aperture has been wide open at F/4 and F/6.7 to push that all important shutter speed up. All of the images below have been cropped and adjusted in Adobe CS3 and are low resolution to aid faster download speed.

1 comment:

  1. i love that first reed bunting shot. they really are a pretty bird.