Monday 6 July 2009

Alpine butterflies part 2.

This is the second installment of some of the butterflies seen in the Italian Alps last week. In the higher altitude areas there is little agriculture and thus no pesticides. The meadows are completely unspoilt with an abundance of insects one can only dream of in the UK. At times you don't know which way to look. On this day I advanced no more than 300 yards in four hours and still probably missed some species.
The two images above are Scarce Copper and the brightest copper I've seen to date. The bright fiery orange set against the green background is quite a sight.

Marbled Whites were common and they preferred the scabious.

The brown butterfly below is a Large Wall Brown.

All the shots were taken on a tripod. The aperture was set quite high at F/8 and the ISO was set to ISO100, allowing the best non-grainy images. The low ISO also allows further cropping without to much degradation of the image.

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