Friday 2 July 2010

Common Blue Damselfly with prize

These images of a Common Blue Damselfly were taken today at Breney Common, east Cornwall.  They are all shot with a Nikon macro 105mm F/2.8 lens at approx eight to ten inches distance.

They were photographed at midday in dull light.  This was the only damselfly to oblige, mainly because it was more interested in the prey.  Within ten minutes it was devoured.

All the shots were taken at f/10 and I tried very hard to get the perfect 90 degree angle on the head and tail tip.  The depth of field is so narrow that just a few degrees out means part of the subject will be out of focus.


  1. Macro and depth of field is awkward but you have got it 100% spot on in shots 2 and 3.

  2. Cracking shots Steve, looking forward to macro myself now.