Thursday 18 November 2010

American Robin in Devon

I took this image of the American Robin today at Turf, Devon.  After an hour's wait it eventually flew out of the large berry bush on the canal bank and settled for five minutes out in the open beside the field.  Sadly it was just too far away for frame fillers but still a pleasing bird to see. 

This was my best shot against a bright sky.  For the techies, the exposure was raised to +2 full stops.  This is my third record, with one on Scilly in 1976 and of course the Gwithian bird (later taken by a Sparrowhawk).

I'm sure Devon birders will correct me if wrong, but this is the fifth record for Devon, the last being way back in 1982 on Lundy Island.  The first for Devon was also on Lundy in October 1952 and this bird was the first for Britain.

American Robin is widely distributed throughout North America and Canada, wintering from Florida to central Mexico and along the Pacific Coast.


  1. Nice capture Steve, it even got a mention tonight on Autumn watch

  2. Stunning capture,well done Steve.

  3. Cracking shot of the American Robin, thanks for your comment and identification help on my blog and agree with your comments re Acna Dam lovely place.