Monday 26 September 2011

Some dragonflies in SE Cyprus

Below are some images of dragonflies seen during the week in the Cape Greco area.  During the intense midday heat, our attentions turned to dragonflies which were plentiful around water and in drier areas as well.

Scarlet Darter - fairly common - Crocothemis erythraea

Small Skimmer - just a couple seen - Orthetrum taeniolatum

Male Violet Dropwing in the obelisk position Trithemis annulata

Female Violet Dropwing - very common - Trithemis annulata

Male Red-veined Dropwing - scarce  - Trithemis arteriosa

Male Lesser Emperor  - fairly common - Anax parthenope

Slender Skimmer - locally common - Orthetrum sabina
Black Percher in the obelisk position

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