Wednesday 9 May 2012

Birding Point Pelee

Wall to wall birding has meant little time for blog posts; some images from the last couple days are below.  Just for JRandSue, we are up to eighteen warbler species.  I don't think we will match your 34!  Today we saw Mourning Warbler, many Chestnut-sided's, scores of Yellow's and Myrtle's plus a few Black and White's and Cape May's.  Ovenbirds, Brown Thrashers and Blue Jays have arrived today in some numbers as well. (All images D800 and 300 f2.8).  On to Rondeau NP tomorrow.

Whip Poor Will
Ad male Chestnut-sided Warbler

Ad male Cape May Warbler

Fem Red-winged Blackbird


  1. Fantastic Birds Steve,lots more to look forward to.
    Have a great Trip mate.

  2. Brilliant birdin, I am looking forward to the next post.