Thursday 10 November 2022

Hume's Warbler in Cornwall

 A Hume's Warbler was found at Swanvale on 9th November 2022. It was seen and heard with a Yellow-browed Warbler.  A sound recording was also taken. Matt Broadbent first found it and will be submitting it to the relevant authorities

Nearly 200 have been recorded across the UK.  Hume's Warbler remains a rare bird in Cornwall with just six previous records.  

Previous records:

2007: Cot Valley, one trapped, from 23rd Dec to 23rd Feb 2008.

2004: Carnon Downs SW, 24-26th Feb.

2004: Helston SW, 13-15th Nov.

2003: Cot Valley, 25-26th Oct.

2001: Porthgwarra, 23rd Dec. 

1998: Church Cove, Lizard, 22-23rd Nov.

The species breeds in Asia, China and Mongolia. It migrates over the Himalayas to winter in India.

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