Monday 24 August 2009

Fresh autumn Northern Wheatears

These three images were taken last week and show a young, fresh male Northern Wheatear, probably no more than a couple months old. All of the feathers are clean and tidy and show no wear. The mantle also shows some down feathers. Young birds at this time of year are normally in far better plumage condition than the adult birds and make far better photographic subjects.

EXIF Detail: Aperture priority F/7.1 Focal length 840mm. ISO 640. Shutter speed 1/400s. Exposure 0.0 EV. WB Cloudy. All RAW files. Taken from the car window resting on a sofa cushion.


  1. Great shots of the Northern Wheatear Steve

  2. Great images, as always Steve.

  3. I will have to go to Davidstow. I didn't realise that Dunlins were brown noses.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Have lost your email address but would like to say thanks for all your help this evening, really appreciate it. Have now found the way to go between the photo gallery and editing without having to come all the way out every time. Hope to see you on Friday at Pendeen.
    Thanks again, Sue

  5. Hi Steve
    Hope you were at Pendeen today!
    What is your assessment of the sea-watching forecast for this Sunday and Monday?

  6. Hi Jonathan - I was at Pendeen today for a 10.5 hour stint and am very pleased with the day. Quantity and quality seabirds and 35 other birders shared the fun as well. I would say saturday at Pendeen will be OK and def worth a punt but maybe not in such high numbers. Sunday looks like Porthgwarra and reasonable conditions for seawatching.