Thursday 17 December 2009

Gulls at Gwithian today

These images were taken today at St. Gothians NR, Gwithian in bright, strong winter sunshine - always an exposure challenge. They were taken at about 10am so the sun was still quite low and directly shining on the bird (rather than above creating shadow). I was experimenting with exposure metering and the meter was set to Spot; thus only the inner part of the frame with the bird-subject within it is correctly exposed. I was pleased with the results - white gulls and bright water are quite tricky but virtually all of the 40 shots were exposed correctly so I guess I will experiment further with this in the future.


  1. Nice set of pictures Steve, Its good to catch up with the last few days as my computer gave up.

  2. Great flight shots Steve everyone spot on, also great set of the Purple Sands in the previous post.