Sunday 20 December 2009

Images from Walmsley Sanctuary today

Below are some images from Walmsley sanctuary today, including two adult Whooper Swans.  Duck numbers were reasonably high today with approximately 300+ Eurasian Wigeon, 3-400 Common Teal, 5 Gadwall, 3 Northern Pintail and 30 Shoveler.  Also 100+ Common Snipe were being chased by a female Sparrowhawk whilst three Peregrines were also hunting over the reserve.  The scenery shot above is the view from the hide looking eastwards towards the Cornish mountain range of Bodmin Moor (Brown Willy and Rough Tor).

Ad Whooper Swans above and below.

Female Shoveler below.

Male Common Teal, easily the commonest duck on the reserve.

Below are part of the 300 plus strong flock of Wigeon today.  The image also shows one female Shoveler.

All images taken with the 300mm F/2.8 and 1.4x TC, handheld.


  1. Lovely photographs Steve. Bet it was cold though.

  2. Great shots, great place, I will have to get up there again.