Monday 15 February 2010

On golden pond

Continuing with the winter duck theme, this absolutely splendid and proud male Goldeneye was doing his absolute best for Valentine's Day.  No special lover's card or chocolates, this glamour boy just oozed Bucephalic testosterone.

The play continued for about a minute and I just managed to capture some of the scene.  The act is over in a split second and I missed the water spraying, but managed to catch these actions. 

Was she worth it?  She looks pretty bored and bemused with it all.  It least it didn't cost him anything!

Nikon 300mm F/2.8 and 1.4 x TC.  Tripod and gimbal mounted.  JPEG Fine file, Aperture F/7.1 Exposure EV-0.7  ISO200.  Shutter 1/800s.  White Balance Cloudy.  Centre weighted metering.