Sunday 14 February 2010

Drake Gadwall

I took these shots of a drake Gadwall at WWT Slimbridge.  The reserve is simply stunning for both wild and captive birds and if anyone needs photo practice, this must surely be the place to visit.  I reckon a week here would just about scratch the surface. The amount of new work and site improvement going on here is staggering. 

Over the next few days/weeks I will share some of the best images.  Most will be wild birds but I couldn't resist some of the more exotic wildfowl.  To be continued...

All of the images were taken with D3x, 300mm F/2.8 and 1.4x TC, all tripod mounted.


  1. Super shots,love these.
    Steve at his best.

  2. What a place and what a shot. You must be active again mate.