Monday 22 February 2010

Slimbridge specials

This group of images are the final post from duck city.  The previous posts mainly show wild birds whereas this post shows captive birds.  Nevertheless, they are still glamourous and retain all the character of genuine wild fowl.  For the budding bird photographer, the opportunities for practice are endless.

The chances to experiment with camera exposure and shallow depth of field are endless.  All of these shots are unmanipulated except for some minor cropping.  Spot metering has been used so that the exposure has been taken from the subject. 

The pair of Canvasbacks below show a very low depth of field so that the eye and head is in focus but all other parts of the photo are out of focus creating the "bokeh" effect.  To me this is the most attractive way of presenting wildlife. (IMHO!).


  1. Great selection Steve, excellent capture of the action/motion in the first image

  2. Great set of natural shots there mate,exposure and Bokeh spot on as usual. Nice One.

  3. Superb quality Steve, a pleasure to view, must visit this summer.

  4. Love the second Whistling Ducks Steve - looks like the one is laughing! All great images, as always. The Tufted Duck is fabulous.