Wednesday 10 February 2010

One year ago - wrecked Little Gulls in the big storm

Who can forget that massive storm which battered Cornwall last year?  I was trawling through some of my library images and came across these shots and was surprised to find it was a full year ago.  These Little Gulls (and one juv ridibundus for the sharp eyed) were taken at Wherrytown, Penzance.

I just happened to  be lucky to jam into this flock of about 20 (from memory).  The most birds in one image was the seven of varying ages below.

By the afternoon, when the wind died down, just one Little Gull remained so I was lucky to get these images.


  1. I remember these, I think I was there the same time. Great set of pics including the previous Iceland, I'm sure you have thousands. Ridibundus? Thank God for Google and the Collins Guide.

  2. I'm in agreement with Sam,fabulous images. Hope the Operation went well and you make a speedy recovery.
    John and Sue.

  3. Hi Steve I missed this lot during that storm due to work, things are a bit different now. Hope the arm is ok and on the mend. Very nice shots for the memory bank.

  4. All images pin sharp. Excellent reproduction even in low res! Superb!!