Friday 31 December 2010

Grey Phalarope at Tolcarne today, the final year tick of 2010

The final year tick of 2010 came today at Tolcarne beach, between Newlyn and Penzance.  In 2009 we were tripping over Grey Phalaropes on seawatches but this year has been a lean year for the species.  Yesterday my mate filmed four together here but I guess one is good enough !  The light was very dull and grey overcast, thus the images below look the same.  I was pleased with the flight shots given the low shutter speed.  With any luck, the light might be better tomorrow and with even more luck, this bird might stay for the New Year.

Finally, Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog.  Let's hope 2011 brings as many fantastic birds as 2010 did. 


  1. Hi Steve,

    Excellent flight shots

  2. Great shots. Puts the woodcock that hit my window this week to shame.

  3. Well only one word springs to mind.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Fantastic images. Thank you for a great service in 2010 Happy New Year Paul.

  5. Happy New Year my old mucker. Thanks for all your help throughout the year, it's really appreciated. It's what mates are for....

  6. Great shots Steve and a nice end to the year. Happy New Year to you both.