Wednesday 27 March 2013

Drake Common Scoter on Swanpool, Falmouth

A drake Common Scoter has been present on Swanpool for the last couple days.  Whilst the species is fairly common around the Cornish coast, most sightings are half a mile away and usually distant.  When I heard of a drake on Swanpool I decided to take a closer look this morning.  I couldn't believe how tame and curious this bird is!  It followed me round the pool.  I had to take the converter off and backtrack to the normal 5 metres close focus for the 600mm lens.  I've never seen any scoter this close, not even at Slimbridge.  This male was a little stunner and well worth the visit.  I was also lucky with the light this morning, varying from sunshine to overcast, hence the differing colours in the images.


  1. The best Scoter images I have seen.

  2. Very friendly and virtually hand feeding yesterday. First spotted there on monday I think