Sunday 21 April 2013

Woodchat Shrike at Kelynack, Cot Valley

The second Woodchat of the season was found yesterday in the donkey field on the road between Kelynack and the Youth Hostel at Cot Valley. The bird seen at Kenidjack last week was clearly different to the one seen today; based on the amount of white on the lores and forehead, this bird is presumably a female.  The amount of grey in the mantle also suggests a first summer bird.  The bird was always quite distant favouring the gorse bushes at the bottom of the valley.

For the keen eyed observers, the images are not quite as sharp as they normally appear on this blog.  The reason is that they were taken with an old second hand Nikon D2H camera boasting a "massive" 4.1 mega pixel sensor!  It can still churn out 8 frames per second though. This model was launched way back in 2003 but can still just about hold its own among the latest crop of 36 mega pixel cameras.

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