Wednesday 21 October 2009

Choughs in Nanquidno Valley

Choughs are a regular feature now in the Land's End and Cape Cornwall area though pinning them down for photography is not so easy. I have never considered targeting Chough for photography as they are normally quite distant. On Sunday morning though, whilst papping the Yellow-browed, at least five Choughs circled round me calling all the time. They landed in the opposite field and fed on a dung heap at 75 yards distance, digging ferociously and calling all the time.

The Jackdaw shown on the lower left and a Magpie out of view tried to muscle in on the frenzy but couldn't get a look in. The flock of five stayed close together but a further three were seen together later in the morning.

All of the images were taken with the 600mm F/4 lens and 1.4x TC, on a Jobu gimbal head.


  1. I was wondering when you were going to blog your chough photo's. I saw the first on Cwll birding. I will email a link to your site, to Nicola Shanks, who organised the chough watch in the spring to monitor the nest site. The group shot is a cracker, and the flight shot with visible leg rings will be of interest to Nicola and Clare Mucklow.

  2. Thanks Sam. If they require further shots with leg colour rings etc, then I can supply them. Steve

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  4. Cracking Stuff Steve that group and flight shot are stunners. I know what you mean about hard to photo, I've chased them around Botallack on and of for the last three months and still no pics. Well Done

  5. Fabulous Steve. I have watched them at Nanquidno with the Jackdaws standing by for a scuffle! They are very entertaining and they capture your heart instantly.