Wednesday 8 April 2009

Bluethroat dazzler

This dazzling male Bluethroat of the red spotted form appeared on the path and this was the first view of it before disappearing into the grass.
A few minutes later it reappeared and was oblivious to us as it approached to within a few yards. It casually made its' way towards us along the tyre tracks feeding in the late evening low sunlight.
This was one of the closest views at about 10 feet distance. It's surprisingly difficult to find good focus on such a small bird. Not least the panic and tremble of having such a stunning bird so close!
The image below is the same as above but heavily cropped as far as the picture would allow before pixellating.

EXIF Detail: Aperture Priority. F/5.6 Shutter 1/160s. ISO 400. -0.3 EV.


  1. Nice ones steve great shots

  2. Show off. How fantastic are these photo's

  3. Great images Steve,hope you had a nice holiday.
    Our turn next week,

  4. Wow. Exquisite little bird. Super shot, nice one!