Wednesday 22 April 2009

Red-backed Shrike

This stunning male Red-backed Shrike was photographed in Spring 08 with a D2x and 300mm lens and 1.7xTC at a distance of about six yards. It was taken early in the morning with the low sun behind me. Either the sun blinded him or he just wasn't bothered by my presence. I took many photos and was even afforded enough time to compose every angle of shot conceivable! With new software always being updated, I put these "old" shots through CS3 and they have been surprisingly refreshed.

EXIF Detail: Program Mode. Ap F/9.5 Shutter 1/320s. ISO 200. Exposure -1.0EV. Focal length: 700mm.

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  1. Brillant,I see by your exposure you are shooting left.