Friday 10 April 2009

Female Kentish Plover

This tame female Kentish Plover allowed approach to about 10 yards. Quite content to stay on the rock, more interest was paid to the almost constant raptor activity overhead. All of the birds seen in Cyprus were constantly looking upwards and sideways, as shown in the image below. The skyward pointing was always a useful indicator and we often used this to find raptors at extreme heights. A birds' eye sight must be incredibly keen and much stronger than ours.

EXIF Detail: Aperture Priority. Ap F/7.1 Shutter 1/1000s. -0.3 EV. Centre weighted Metering. ISO 320. WB: Cloudy (to give more warmth to the overall image).

The image below is the same bird but simply taken from a different location and with the sun at a different angle. It's surprising what a simple change of position can do to the final image.


  1. Steve excellent images, outstanding photography at it's best.

  2. Well done Steve some cracking images, I hope you had a good time over there!