Wednesday 8 April 2009

Pallid Harrier in Cyprus

A small group of Cornish birders visited Cyprus last week with the intention of witnessing some early Spring migration through the island. And we were not disappointed. Over the next couple weeks I will be posting some of the better results. I'll sift through the 5000 + images and post the favourites of the trip.
I used my 300mm F/2.8 permanently coupled up with the 1.7x Teleconverter, giving a useful 500mm focal length at maximum aperture of F/4.8.

This adult male Pallid Harrier was stumbled upon at a reservoir knee deep in water, bathing. It then flew to this path where we drove up to it. We were about 25 yards away as it continued to preen for some ten minutes. The smallest image at the bottom of the page is the original size while the others are cropped and zoomed in.
EXIF Detail: Aperture Priority. Ap F/10. Shutter 1/640s. -0.3EV. ISO 250. White Balance Cloudy. Centre Metering. Taken from car window.

Above image is the original size.


  1. Some great shots the flowers make it for me, look forward to more!

  2. Cor imagine what they would have been like with the 600mm..
    (sorry Steve couldn't resist) excellent images

  3. 5000 images,you must be disappointed with that number.

  4. Hi Steve
    Stunning images as expected, love the Pallid Harrier look forward to lot's more over the coming weeks.