Friday 5 June 2009

Beautiful Demoiselle

I spent about an hour with these stunningly bright little insects. Their colours in different lights are breathtaking. The position of the sun was not perfect and I was struggling with exposure. I eventually used Exposure Bracketing in bursts of five to seven shots. One of the burst will always be perfectly exposed but you have to hope that that image is also the one in focus! These three were the best of the crop. The upper picture is obviously heavily cropped about 50%.
This image is a favourite as the background is uncluttered and it shows the tiny prey being eaten.
EXIF Detail. All the images are Aperture Priority F/9. ISO 200. Shutter 1/100s. Exposure -0.7EV. Tripod mounted. FL 500mm.


  1. Absolutely beautiful...I will keep trying..

  2. Excellent Images Steve, every shot looks great as usual.

  3. The dedication paid off Steve... they are 'stunning'.