Monday 22 June 2009

Cornish insects in macro

The images in this post were taken at the weekend at Stithians and The Lizard. All were taken with a Sigma 1:1 ratio 105mm F2/8 lens. I took about 200 shots of at least eight species of dragonfly, half hand held, half on a tripod. The latter method easily outweighs handheld in terms of in-focus images. The drawback with a tripod is manoeuvering the tripod close enough to the insect without scaring it. However, my obvious preference is to use a tripod every time.

The image above is a Common Darter taken a distance of about three inches.

The image above is an Azure Damselfly resting on Sorrel.

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary using a tripod at a distance of about six inches.

Common Blue resting on a young fir tree in dull light. This individual allowed close approach to about four inches. A tripod was used.
EXIF Detail: Aperture priority. Ap F/10. ISO 320. Shutter speed average 1/160s. Exposure 0.oEV.


  1. Hi Steve, do you prefer the macro over the 300mm.

    Ps Top notch photo's again

  2. I have trouble getting within 4 ft ..let alone inches. I guess I have to improve my "stealth" techniques. Great photos.

  3. Macro will always give the better results for close up work, though the down side is that you have to get so close to the subject. So close that in most situations, the buterfly or dragonfly take flight. The beauty of a 300mm is that you can stand well back and set yourself up nicely with the tripod and compose the shot.

  4. Great shots Steve and interesting information.