Tuesday 16 June 2009

Sedge Warbler with an 81A warm filter

I bought an 81A warmer filter and tonight was my first opportunity to use it in suitable colour conditions. This bird might also just benefit from a bit of make-up !

As you can see, the general colour pallette has become a warm brownish orange and has blended the background vegetation. I quite liked it - any comments are welcome (polite ones of course).

The shots were taken again on Perranporth dunes near the Lost Church at about 7pm tonight.
EXIF Detail. Aperture F/8. ISO 125. WB Cloudy. Shutter 1/125s. Exposure -0.7 EV. Tripod mounted.


  1. I like the blurred background as it makes the bird stand out more. It would be interesting to see a before and after shot to see what effects the filter was having. How much did it effect the overall blurring? I know it is difficult as the birds do not hang about while you take lab shots. Still it looks good to me Steve.

  2. Hi there Watcher - thanks for the positive comments. The blurred background is intentional on all my shots of both birds and butterflies as I always shoot in Aperture Priority at around f/6 to F/10 max. This naturally focusses on the subject but drops everything round it out of focus. The filter just really changes the colour affects. The bird stayed on the umbellifer for about five seconds only, just enough for me to fire about 15 shots...three were in focus!

  3. Hi Steve, These and the hobby photo's are superb.
    I especially like the second shot of sedge, its so sharp you can clearly see its tongue.I guess you must be Cornwalls top photographic birding blog. I'll see you soon top blog.

  4. What color would the background have been without the filter? Very nice pictures. I like the warm coloring.


  5. Hi Carol - thanks for the comment. The background colour was pale yellowish, straw with a lot of dried grasses, mixed in with some greenery. I think the filter has just warmed it all up ! The filter has had a different affect the Sedge Warbler images because of the background colour; however, the same filter was used on the same evening on the Silver Studded Blue images (silver lining post) and doesn't seem to have had any affect at all. Thanks for the replies.

  6. Hello Steve, just seen these photos. Nice one, an update for you. We had watched the pair for a couple of weeks and they raised we think 3 youngsters. The nest was very close to the footpath and fenced off pond and on a couple of occassions we had to ask dog walkers to keep them under control. Alls well that ends well.