Thursday 4 June 2009

Blues, Whites, Skippers and Hairstreaks

This post shows a selection of images taken last week in Turkey. If anyone can identify the blues, I would like to know. Also, the Small Skipper image at the bottom is relatively bright compared to the British Small Skipper, so the id could be open to debate!

Grecian Copper (above)

Blue-spot Hairstreak (above)

Bath White (above)

Ilex Hairstreak (above)

Blue sp.

Little Tiger Blue (above)

Oriental Marbled Skipper (above)

Small Skipper (probable above)


  1. Your pictures are stunning

  2. You give me something to strive for. It's amazing how much I learn from each website. I am seeing things so differently now.

  3. Typical, I thought I had the Bath White and failed but you got it. Superb photography.