Monday 15 June 2009

Silver-studded Blue

These images were taken on Sunday evening at Perranporth Dunes. Silver-studded Blue can be exceptionally common in this area with hundreds recorded in some years.
I had a couple hours strong sunlight remaining at the end of the day, though it was breezy and conditions were far from ideal. I saw about 20 butterflies, all in a patch just out of the wind. (The image below is a Brown Argus feeding on Ragged Robin.)

The image below was one of the in-focus shots enabling some heavy cropping without losing too much detail. The low ISO of 200 also helps cropping without the image becoming too grainy.

EXIF Detail for all images: Aperture F/9. Shutter averaging 1/320s. ISO 200. Exposure -0.3 to -0.7 EV. Multi-pattern metering. WB: Cloudy. Focal length 500mm. Tripod mounted.


  1. Very nice shots Steve you sure take a great Photo thank you for sharing them with us

  2. Great Butterfly shots again Steve, looks like a great spot at Perranporth for these species.