Tuesday 27 April 2010

Toilet roll required on Cyprus ?

A roll of toilet paper was nearly required, twice - once to wipe up this Chameleon which was almost squashed by our car tyre.  Luckily the driver just spotted him crossing the road.  The second time was when I turned the corner and stumbled upon these two five foot Blunt-nosed Vipers....

Further information gleaned from the web and courtesy Paul Hopwood:

Levantine Viper or Mountain Adder or Blunt-nosed Viper

Macrovipera lebetina, Macrovipera lebetina obtusa, Macrovipera lebetina turanica

Genus: Macrovipera
Status: Rare and restricted
Warning: This snake is deadly poisonous. Risk to man high. A dangerous snake of major medical importance

Description and Biology:

This is a large snake, up to 1.6 meters long; females larger than males. Has no horn, no shields; fangs very large. Scale pattern consists of rosettes with light centers; intensity of margination may merge into wavy band, lateral spots more distinct than dorsal patterns. Coloration is gray, gray-brown or yellowish with gray underside in females. Tail pinkish brown, tapers abruptly.


  1. Super images - but very scary Sue

  2. Would love to have taken the Snakes, they're brilliant. Sue

  3. Really like theses Steve. Cornwalls answer to Steve Irwin.

  4. Nice! How close did you get Steve? I mean, how close to the snakes, not how close to pooing yourself!

  5. Crikey... good job you have a long lens! I would not want to get too close to those snakes! Great shots Steve. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Andy, the distance from the snakes was about 15-20 feet, though when I first found them it was toilet-roll time. If I had known they were so dangerous, I would have stepped back a bit. They are probably two males fighting for mating rights. What is now more worrying is that the female was probably watching close by....ouch. We watched them for 30 mins and at times they both stretched up a like an Indian Cobra. Stunning. Steve Irwin,...never.