Thursday 31 March 2011

Cape Verde pt 2

On my recent visit to Cape Verde, I found Osprey to be really common. I saw about forty birds.  Some were migrants moving north to breed though the majority were resident breeders.  In Cape Verde, in common with many other species, Osprey start breeding in November and by March/April, young birds have already fledged.  I was lucky enough to witness the spectacular Osprey plunge diving.  The image below shows an Osprey early in the morning on a favourite roost.  The background is desert, then the sea about a mile in the distance.

The image below is an Egyptian Vulture.  I was lucky to find a pair feeding on some carrion.  After reading the literature, I was expecting this vulture to be common though was later informed that only four pairs now breed on the island.

I also managed to see Alexander's Kestrel and the rare Cape Verde Falcon, similar to Peregrine.  These four raptors were the only birds of prey seen in the fortnight.


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  2. Hi Mike, I was staying on Boa Vista island. They breed on the island and I saw them daily no more than a mile from the hotel near Sal Rei. If I had the time to sit and wait, I could have got the plunge diving in a lagoon close to the hotel, but was not lucky enough.

  3. Great images again Steve, commissioned to take pictures at Loch Garten, well done Mike Anders