Sunday 6 March 2011


I showed these Turnstone images at the Perranporth Camera Club last week.  The top image was taken three years ago at St Ives harbour and still remains one of my favourites.  The middle image was taken last month near St Michael's Mount and the bottom image last year.


  1. These three shots are fabulous Steve, the centre image looks amazing.
    The sharp detail is stunning.

  2. A great set of images, a good demonstration on good technique and the low camera angle giving good perpective in these and your Bartail Godwit shots

  3. Stunning set agree with John the middle image is outstanding.Your Bar Tail Godwit images were also classy.Came across the same group last week at Marazion and gonna post them later in the week but got to go some to compare with yours.Anthony

  4. Stunning pictures! Very sharp!

    Kah Wai

  5. Have to agree that the first one is my fave also. Great isolation of the subject and includes a splash of colour depicting the Turnstone's environment.

    All the best -mark