Monday 10 December 2012

Birds in Cornwall 2011 DVD by John Chapple

Latest DVD edition of the popular Birds in Cornwall series for 2011.

The long-awaited 2011 edition of John Chapple's DVD of Birds in Cornwall has just been published. This is the first DVD since 2007. The long wait though has been worth it as this edition is packed full of 96 species of top rarities, scarce birds and some commoner species as well, all filmed in mainland Cornwall. (The only exception is the Baltimore Oriole filmed on Scilly).

The double DVD set has a running time of 54 minutes and 72 minutes respectively, all in High Definition quality, some of the footage almost reaching Blu Ray quality! (Note: quality depends though on your own TV's quality).

Highlights include virtually every single rarity seen in the county during 2011. Quite an incredible feat in its own right. Highlights include the Gull-billed Tern at Nanjizal, Subalpine Warbler at Land's End, male Montagu's Harrier on the Lizard, Western Bonnelli's Warbler at Poljigga, Semipalmated Sandpiper at Davidstow, Desert Wheatear at Nanjizal and several North American rare waders to name just a few!

The most important species also include the Greater Yellowlegs at Wadebridge (first or second record for Cornwall depending on your geographical persuasion), Scarlet Tanager at St Levan (second for Cornwall) and the Bufflehead at the Lizard (first record for Cornwall).  Whilst there was no excuse for not seeing the Bufflehead, the recording of the yellowlegs and tanager required extra dedication.  Watching this DVD, one can only wonder just how much time was spent in gathering the footage but also post-editing as well.

In addition to the careful selection of footage, Chapple has added some very informative narrative to every single species.  This has created a delightfully local knowledge to the video.

In summary, this is an essential addition to any birding enthusiast's collection or students of birding in Cornwall.  The DVD priced just £15 can be ordered securely via this LINK or collected in person from South West Optics in Truro.

Front cover of the DVD is Cornwall's first Bufflehead.

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