Thursday 1 August 2013

Silver-washed Fritillary

The three images below were taken last week at Cabilla Wood near Bodmin and the darker valesina form at Bentley Wood near Salisbury.  I went to Bentley Wood hoping to see Purple Emperor.  Sadly it was too windy and quite dull so I dipped.  A shame really as this year has been exceptional for the species with up to 100 individuals being seen at some localities.  Back to the Silver-washed... the valesina form is unusual but not rare.  I saw two of them on Sunday but this was the darker one.

valesina form at Bentley Wood

taken at Cabilla Woods, Bodmin

taken at Bentley Wood, Salisbury


  1. Super Images Steve,the Purple Emperor seems very difficult at times.
    We missed out as well.

  2. Great shots Steve love the last one.