Monday 17 March 2014

Some nice passerines in south Florida

The passerines below were all fairly common and seen either daily or regularly in suitable habitat.  These are the juicy ones that you always like to find

Male Black-throated Green Warbler - scarce

Female Black and White Warbler, winters in small numbers in Florida. Saw  c.20 birds.

Blue-headed Vireo, seen in small numbers in most wooded areas. 

Northern Parula, common and males in full song in wooded areas.

Male Painted Bunting, uncommon but regular around feeders in reserves. 

Male Palm Warbler, second commonest passerine and everywhere. Some males already in full SP.

Male Yellow-rumped Warbler - the commonest passerine and everywhere. This was the brightest male - not bad for early March! Some were in song.

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  1. Another good set, that painted bunting is my favourite