Tuesday 19 May 2015

Anuhuac Reserve, High Island

We have returned to the giant size Anuhuac Reseve, which is close to High Island.  This is a drive-round reserve where a lot of the birding is done American-style, ie from your car, just like everything else in Texas.  We have even experienced a drive-thru donut store, and wait for it, a drive-thru slot machine store...Anyway back to the birding and today's highlight has been an influx of Common Nighthawks. They have been everywhere and easy to see, mainly on fence posts at eye level.  Here's a couple from today plus some shots of other notables from nearby:

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, a common roadside bird

Red-winged Blackbird, male, one of the noisiest characters around.

Eastern Kingbird, fairly common in the correct habitat.

Common Nighthawk today.

Common Nighthawk, a different bird to above and below.

Common Nighthawk.  All images taken with Nikon D4, 500mm F4 and 1.4x TC.  (Kingbird image by Patsy Rogers).


  1. Stunning captures of amazing birds. My compliments.

  2. Amazing images Steve,the Kingbird is a stunner,looks like you got competition.
    Well done Patsy.
    John and Sue.

  3. Loving your photos Steve. Brings back so many memories of my time in Texas. Good job!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you all enjoyed the posts.