Monday 2 March 2009

One Stonechat - four angles

I was waiting in the car for Hen Harrier to fly through a favoured hunting spot on Trewey Common when this inquisitive female Stonechat paused on several different perches just five or six yards away. The light was so intense that you can actually see the car's reflection in the pupil of its' eye. All four images are different as it moved from perch to perch.

EXIF detail: EV -0.3, Shutter: 1/640, Aperture: F/8, ISO 320, Focal Length:840mm (!)WB: Auto, Colour balance two shades towards amber to enhance the straw tones in the grasses to gain more contrast when a harrier flew past (that was the idea anyway).


  1. You've captured thid really well, Steve. Even with a tripod (?) at 840mm it's quite something.

  2. Nice pictures of the Stonechat