Sunday 1 March 2009

Snow Bunting at St Gothian Sands NR

Spring feels like it has arrived today. A warm sunny day with a strong westerly breeze meant that light levels were very high. So high that my eye was on the exposure meter all day. In addition to this lovely Snow Bunting, I also managed to see my first Sand Martin of the year at Marazion Marsh. Sadly no photos though, as it barely stayed for a minute. The Snow Bunting image below was difficult as it was constantly feeding and fidgeting. The low evening light at 6pm was intense and there was a lot of shadow, so some of my images were burnt out, though I managed to save these two.

EXIF Detail: EV -0.3, WB Auto, Focal Length 850mm, Aperture F/8, ISO400, Camera set to Aperture Priority.

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