Saturday 7 May 2011

Inside the Arctic Circle, Northern Norway

I arrived at Kirkenes in Finnmark, Northern Norway late today.  The group was collected from the airport by our very excited local guide, who took us immediately to the side of a mountain.  All the commotion was about this Brown Bear, seen at about 100 yards distance.  The light was failing but just enough to get a shot.  The interest created a bit of a local twitch, perhaps twenty people watching it.  Although the image is dark, you can see his eyes looking directly at the crowd.  I didn't fancy getting closer as our guide said he eats reindeer for breakfast.

Depending on internet access, I will post some more images as and when through the week.


  1. Excellent Steve, Cant wait to see more! Have a good time

  2. Lovely image Steve,hope you have a good trip,and see stunning birds.