Monday 2 May 2011

Text me when you get there...

I took these shots today of a Dunlin amongst of flock of around 200 at Hayle Estuary.  I found this obvious bird with its' bright leg rings ( double orange rings on the right leg, green flag on the left), but on closer inspection, I could see a vertical aerial stuck to its' mantle plus a second aerial attached to the tail.  Whatever your personal opinion is on this new method of migration study, this individual seems to be unperturbed by the encumberance.  (If it is a female, good luck to the interested male...) 


  1. This is incredible. And we laugh about alien abduction implants!

  2. Did you ever trace this bird Steve?

  3. Hi Mark

    I didn't get an answer. I was probably searching/enquiring in the wrong place. If you ever find out, it would be nice to know.



  4. I'll chase, but this is likely to be a Portuguese bird:

  5. This bird was ringed as an adult on 16th March 2011 on the Tagus estuary in Portugal, so a nice record.