Sunday 1 February 2009

Storms wreck gulls in Newlyn

The fierce easterly gale overnight and during today has blown a lot of Little Gulls into Mount's Bay and Newlyn Harbour. It's not a rare sight, though always a delight to see these miniture gulls battling in the teeth of the wind. Little Gulls winter at sea but will come close to shore during gales. I took about 400 shots, most of which were just outside of focus due to the strong wind and lack of shelter. The ones below were the best I could get given the conditions. The scenery shot is looking back at St. Mary's church and the Promenade at Penzance. The Iceland Gull was also present in Newlyn Harbour. Taken with Nikon D3and 600mm F/4. Tripod mounted. Exposure -0.3. WB cloudy. ISO 400.

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